Season 4

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you, dodgeballers for another amazing season! After 38 match-ups and 159 games played this past Saturday, we’d like to congratulate HELLA KITTY on being Season 4 champions! Sooth your dodgeball withdrawals by going through our Playoff album, watching the playoff videos, or revisit our photos from the infamous pubnight. Until then – see you next season! (Early bird ends this weekend! Hurry up and register if you don’t want to miss out on our most amazing prize ever!!! Hint – it’s not just an ordinary trip!!!)

Season 4 Skills Clinic

Last night we hosted our season 4 skills clinic, and had a great turnout! Like our previous skills clinics we went through how to do proper throws, catches and blocks. Aside from fundamental techniques, we also went through individual and team strategies, we can’t wait to see them apply those skills on court! Players also got to test out those skills at the speed and accuracy tests and also at our legendary showdown competition, previous season records were broken and new showdown king and queen were crowned! Congratulate the winners on their feats: Adam Bader – Male Fastest Thrower @ 116km/hr (new record) Christina Lam – 2-Time Female Fastest Thrower @ 74 km/hr (new record) Nigel Wong – 2-Time Most Accurate Thrower Adam Plywaczewski – Male 1v1 Showdown Champion (out of 35 competitors!) Leanne Nguyen – Female 1v1 Showdown Champion (out of 16 competitors!)