Season 1

Season 1 Champion Claims Prize: Road Trip to Vancouver

BOSS Dodgeball began its first season of league play in January of this year. There were 10 teams that met weekly to play round-robin style. This fast-paced and energetic sport ended its season in April with a full day of playoffs where these 10 teams competed against each other one final time for the winning prize. At the end of the tournament, a champion team was born. Sharpshooters, a team of seven energetic individuals, would claim their reward of a sponsored road trip to Vancouver to represent Calgary in a charity tournament in July 2013. Prior to the tournament, everyone had similar mixed feelings: excitement, anxiety. With over forty teams competing, it was a great opportunity for individuals to come together to make something happen and to improve the community and raise awareness. There was a lot of experience gained from everyone’s individual skill levels and being able to play...
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Season 1 Ending

Fellow Dodgeballers, It is sad to say that our Season 1 League is coming to an end, and with that, there are a few news updates. First off I’d like to thank all the players that have been part of this amazing league, the executives and all the volunteers that have stepped up. The league couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you. With the end of our season we’d like to throw a huge party for everyone to come celebrate boss-style. As well we’ll be announcing our new logo in the next coming days. So stay put!

Season 1 Updates

Hey Bosses! We bring great news to you during this holiday break, we’ve posted up the dates for our season 1 games. The scheduled dates are confirmed and we’re sorry for the first couple odd locations as we’re still working on becoming an established dodgeball league.  Also, we’ve listened to your feedback and we’ll be bringing back drop-ins during our regular season next year. So now you can dodgeball TWICE a week! Updates will continue to roll in for season 1 as we near the start date of Jan16. Until then… Happy Holidays from all of us at the Exec Team!