Season 5 Wrap Up Announcements

Hi Everyone! Week 10 of season 5 is quickly coming up… Here are some quick announcements to be aware of:

1) There is no dodgeball (drop in or League) this week due to Spring Break and no gym availability. We will resume both drop in as well as Week 10 of league on Mar 31 / Apr 1

2) Playoffs are happening on April 4th! The gym will be open at 12:30 for us to set up and we will begin opening ceremony at 1:15pm.

3) Teams that qualify for top 16 competitive playoffs bracket: You must show up with 6 players from your locked roster and minimum of 2 girls. For each player that you are short by, you will receive a handicap. Click here to read about the handicap rule.

4) Teams that are in the recreational playoffs bracket (if your cumulative points place you 17th – 24th in the league): If you show up with less than 6 players on your locked roster, you can either request subs from outside of the existing pool of players ahead of time with permission from the exec team. If you don’t have a sub, you will have to play with less than 6 players. No additional handicap will be imposed on the recreational tier.

5) Finally, after playoffs we will be heading to BOSS Pubnight 5.0 at Ceili’s on 8th Ave! Come after 8:30pm and celebrate the season with everyone! Ticket are sold at the door and will be $10 which includes a free drink. Check out on Facebook for more information