S9 Wednesdays

Overall Standing

[table sort=”,desc” class=”score-table”]Team~Score
Bader Charms~151
Balls and Boujee~77.8
Beautiful Butterflies~75.93
Big Black Lego Blocks~150
Borderline Average~77.97
Bunghole Invaders~91.5
Cash Us Ousside HowBah Dah?~105.97
Dodgey Style~86.76
First Blood~72.7
Forever Alone…Together!~124.97
Full Flex Express~156.97
Majestic Corgi Butts~114.97
Sofa Kingdom~62.7
Strangers With Candy~90.85
Super Dodgeball~74.93
The Dunkaroos~98.9


Spirit Scores

[table sort=”,desc” class=”spirit-table”]Team~Score
Bader Charms~10
Balls and Boujee~9.83
Beautiful Butterflies~9.94
Big Black Lego Blocks~10
Borderline Average~9.97
Bunghole Invaders~10
Cash Us Ousside HowBah Dah?~9.97
Dodgey Style~9.81
First Blood~9.73
Forever Alone…Together!~9.97
Full Flex Express~9.97
Majestic Corgi Butts~9.97
Sofa Kingdom~9.73
Strangers With Candy~9.88
Super Dodgeball~9.94
The Dunkaroos~9.92