S9 Mondays


<h3>Overall Standing</h3>[table sort=”,desc” class=”score-table”]Team~Score
<img src=””>Ball-E~82.94
<img src=””>Ballywood Mondays~83.97
<img src=””>Bounce Back~61.94
<img src=””>Cats Meowside~88
<img src=””>Crustacean Nation~121
<img src=””>Mini-Lees v.2.0~97
<img src=””>Pugs not Drugs~102
<img src=””>Season 9 Monday Comp Champions~94
<img src=””>Sorry We Aren’t Trained~63.83
<img src=””>Super smash balls~48.84
<img src=””>Ultralight Ball~72.9
<img src=””>What Meow Fishes~98.43
<h3> Spirit Scores</h3>[table sort=”,desc” class=”spirit-table”]Team~Score
Ballywood Mondays~9.97
Bounce Back~9.93
Cats Meowside~10
Crustacean Nation~10
Mini-Lees v.2.0~10
Pugs not Drugs~10
Season 9 Monday Comp Champions~10
Sorry We Aren’t Trained~9.83
Super smash balls~9.82
Ultralight Ball~9.9
What Meow Fishes~9.93
<h3>Overall Standing</h3>[table sort=”,desc” class=”score-table”]Team~Score
<img src=””>animal fARM~104.1
<img src=””>Anti Dodgeball Dodgeball Club~81
<img src=””>Bacon Lettuce TORNADO!~72.92
<img src=””>Ball of Duty~66.98
<img src=””>Balls Deep~70.82
<img src=””>Balls to the Wall~126
<img src=””>Can’t Catch Can’t Dodge~76
<img src=””>Defiballators~74.81
<img src=””>Dodge Mahal~103.9
<img src=””>Dodgevaders~48.81
<img src=””>No Hit Sherlock!~106.84
<img src=””>No Johns~92.77
<img src=””>Saucy Beatdowns Rev 3~63.71
<img src=””>Team Mango~104.47
<img src=””>The Shiny Bidoofs~80.71
<img src=””>Thundercatch~43.76
<img src=””>Wii Kinda Fit~124.7
<img src=””>Yugi Boys and Kaiba Girls~76.81
<h3> Spirit Scores</h3>[table sort=”,desc” class=”spirit-table”]Team~Score
animal fARM~9.6
Anti Dodgeball Dodgeball Club~10
Bacon Lettuce TORNADO!~9.9
Ball of Duty~9.98
Balls Deep~9.83
Balls to the Wall~10
Can’t Catch Can’t Dodge~10
Dodge Mahal~9.9
No Hit Sherlock!~9.83
No Johns~9.77
Saucy Beatdowns Rev 3~9.7
Team Mango~9.97
The Shiny Bidoofs~9.7
Wii Kinda Fit~9.7
Yugi Boys and Kaiba Girls~9.81