League Guidelines & Information

Team Compositions

Maximum 12 players on a roster (eligible for playoffs). Any additional players are marked as subs, and are not eligible to play in playoffs.
Maximum 6 players per game, with a minimum of 2 female players.
Only female players may be borrowed from other teams.
Competitive League: At least 1 roster girl must be present for games to count. Games are otherwise forfeited.
Recreational League: Teams are allowed 2 weeks without roster girls. After 2 weeks, games will be forfeited in if no roster girls are present.

Waivers & Rosters

All players must sign the General Waiver prior to playing.
Competitive League: Players can be added to a roster up until Week 6. New male players added after week 6 can only be added as a Sub player. Female players can be added up until Week 10.
Recreational League: Players can be added to a roster up until Week 10.
Players can only be on ONE team per league.

Playoffs Handicap – Competitive League Only

  • A “Handicap” will apply to competitive teams at playoffs who cannot play with 6 qualifying team members, but are not disqualified either. (See roster rules above)
  • A handicap is a mock team member to represent every missing player
  • The handicap will line up as a player that has been hit out, but cannot play in the game.
  • When a catch is made and the handicap mock player is next in line, no actual player is caught back in, and the handicap will move to the back of the line.

  • Point System

    Cumulative Scores

    Weekly Points: Every win during league night = 1 point*
    Spirit Points: An average between 0 and 1 points will be added to weekly score

    Weekly Points + Weekly Spirit Point = Added to cumulative score

    *If there is a team that forfeits for the night, the other teams will have their actual score from games played adjusted to equal the number of games that would’ve been played on a normal night, instead of getting free scores. This is to prevent forfeits from affecting the placement of teams.


    For certain seasons, we will implement a tiering system to allow team to be able to play other teams at a similar level. In general, we will re-tier the top/bottom 2 teams to the next level every other week. More information will be provided during exhibition night for the season if tiering is expected.

    Champion Prize

    Competitive Champion Prize: Champion t-shirt, Season prize announced at exhibition (usually an awesome trip)

    Recreational Champion Prize: Regular t-shirt, Season prize announced at exhibition

    Spirit Champions:Awesome Swag (Drawstring bag + water bottle)

    Spirit Points

    Spirit Ballots are filled out at the end of each night
    A score out of 10 is given to each team that you’ve played, based on the following:

    • Honesty (2)
    • Rule Awareness (2)
    • Positive Attitude (2)
    • Provide Refs (2)
    • Headshots (2)

    Average of all spirit points between 0 and 1 is calculated and added to weekly points.

    Game Forfeits: If games are forfeited for the night due to no girls showing up for a team, the team’s cumulative spirit points will not be affected by spirit points (will not receive points, nor will they be given a 0 for the night); Team can still fill out spirit ballots if games were played
    Spirit points helps execs address behavior issues
    Used as a tie-breaker for reshuffling of tiers and playoff standings
    We reward the team with the highest spirit score at the end of the season. In the case of a tie, we will do a dizzy limbo race to determine who gets the prize 🙂