League Information

Rosters & Team Composition Rules

  • Team Composition

    • Maximum 12 players per roster eligible for playoffs
    • Players marked as “sub” are not eligible for palyoffs
    • Maximum 6 players on court with minimum of 2 female players.
    • Only female players may be “borrowed” from other teams
    • Competitive League: At lease 1 roster female player must be present for games to count. Games will otherwise be forfeited.
    • Recreational League: Teams are allowed 2 weeks without a roster girl. After 2 weeks, games will be forfeited if no roster girls are present.

  • Waiver & Rosters

    • All players must sign the latest General Waiver prior to playing.
    • Competitive Leagues: Male players can be added to a roster up to week 6.   New players after week 6 can only be added as a sub. Female players can be added up to week 10. Players must have played on team to be added on roster.
    • Recreational League: Players can be added to the roster up to week 10.
    • Players can only be added to one team per division.

  • Playoff Handicap

    • Competitive divisions only
    • A “Handicap” will apply to competitive teams at playoffs who cannot play with 6 qualifying team members, but are not disqualified either. (See roster rules above)
    • A handicap is a mock team member to represent every missing player
    • The handicap will line up as a player that has been hit out, but cannot play in the game.
    • When a catch is made and the handicap mock player is next in line, no actual player is caught back in, and the handicap will move to the back of the line.

Point System

  • Scores

    Every win during the league night round robins = 1 point

    If there is a team that forfeits in one of the courts, wins will be adjusted to equal the number of games that would've been played on a normal night. This is to prevent forfeits from affecting the placement of teams.

  • Tiering

    For certain divisions, we will implement a tiering system to allow teams to play others at a similar level. Usually, this means that the top/bottom 2 teams of each tier will be swapped every other week. If tiering is being implemented, it will be communicated at the beginning of the season.

  • Playoff & Champions

    Playoffs are double elimination format, and are usually held on a Saturday. Seeding is based on league results.
    Competitive Champion Prize: Team name will go on trophy, t-shirt, seasonal prize, roster players will be added to Wall of Fame.
    Recreational Champion Prize: Recreational leagues will usually will a t-shirt and seasonal prize.

    *subject to availability. Prizes will be announced at beginning of season.

  • Spirit Champions

    BOSS values sportsmanship, and a spirit champion for each division will be announced at playoffs. The winner of this prize is based on the weekly nominations from teams that you've played. These nominations will also be used as a tie-breaker for tiering and playoff standings if needed. If there are any serious behavior issues, a form may be submitted online for execs to address. Team with most nomination wins the prize. In the case of a tie, the execs will determine a fun tie-breaker game at playoffs (dizzy limbo, or blind showdown).