Dodgeball Skills


We had a great turnout last week for our seasonal skills clinic! Our players learned the fundamental skills in dodgeball such as throwing, catching, and individual strategies. Congrats to our winners of the speed test, target accuracy test (encouraging players to aim lower), and the winners of the showdown (1 on 1) competition!

Alex Chiang: Most accurate thrower of S5
David Meas: Guys showdown champion
Amanda Hoang: Girls showdown champion
Amanda Hoang: Fastest girl thrower of S5 at 71 km/hr (record is still held by Christina Lam @ 74 km/hr from S4)
Adam Bader: Fastest thrower of S5 at 113 km/hr (he is also the holder of the record for fastest throw at 116 km/hr! couldn’t break his own record this season though frown emoticon )

We hope you all had fun and learned lots to help you improve for the remainder of the season… was there anything in particular you would’ve liked to learn that we didn’t cover? Feel free to let us know so we can incorporate it in the future. As always, you can also always approach one of our execs if you’d like to get some extra help. Happy dodging!