Season 1 – Scores and Team Pictures

Overall Standing

Team Score
Target Practice 201.36
Ballz Deep 162.43
The Dodging Dead 95.80
Vicious Zinger Elites 69.85
Sharpshooters 171.83
Les MiseraBALLS 82.66
Incrediballs 167.11
Forever Alone…Together 123.88
I'd Hit That 73.48
Destiny Cloud Fist 145.95

Spirit Scores

Team Score
Target Practice 9.80
Ballz Deep 9.43
The Dodging Dead 9.8
Vicious Zinger Elites 9.85
Sharpshooters 9.83
Les MiseraBALLS 9.66
Incrediballs 9.11
Forever Alone…Together 9.88
I'd Hit That 9.48
Destiny Cloud Fist 9.95

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Season 1 Updates

Hey Bosses!

We bring great news to you during this holiday break, we’ve posted up the dates for our season 1 games. The scheduled dates are confirmed and we’re sorry for the first couple odd locations as we’re still working on becoming an established dodgeball league.  Also, we’ve listened to your feedback and we’ll be bringing back drop-ins during our regular season next year. So now you can dodgeball TWICE a week! Updates will continue to roll in for season 1 as we near the start date of Jan16. Until then…

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Exec Team!

Be a Boss

To be a Boss or not be a Boss? That is a question no one has ever asked, because everyone wants to be a Boss.

At Calgary’s Boss Dodgeball League, we all get a chance to be the Boss. Our unique style of dodgeball guarantees a fast paced game, the need for cohesive team strategies, as well as a sport that anyone can pick up. You don’t need to have been a highschool basketball captain or a college volleyball star to own the court; this is a style of dodgeball that anyone can be a Boss of the court.

The price of being a Boss:

$5 for our weekly drop in sessions for Fall 2012

And if you like what you see:

Register for our Spring 2013 Season!


$350 / team (Deposit before Nov 27) or $400 / team (Deposit after Nov 27)

Minimum 6 players with at least 2 girls

12 playing session from Jan 14 – Apr 13 including skills clinic!

Bonus Hint: We may or may not be working on a Boss Bonus for the champion team to go on a
sponsored trip to Vancouver and represent Boss Dodgeball League at the summer International
Dodgeball Association Tournament
More info to come…

Looking forward to meeting all of you at our upcoming events.