Bear Necessities Donation & Playoffs Reminder

Friendly reminder that playoffs are on Saturday December the 5th, Bear Necessities will also be on site during playoffs to accept donations. A list of goods can be found on this page here. If you are unable to contribute any goods they also accept cash donations on their fund me page here. Hoping that everyone can bring at least 1 charitable donation so that we can provide a hamper for a family in need. Check out their facebook page for more information

Team Photo – Reminder

Reminder to all teams! Picture day will be on Wednesday, Oct. 14. Gather your team together and rock those colors! Team shirts and props that represent your team are highly recommended. An Exec will be going around to gather your team for photos. Also take a selfie and post up your team and tag it with #bossdodgeball or mention @bossdodgeball !


We Broke our Record!

A new record was set last night at our very first drop in this season… we had 112 players show up! What an incredible preview to the season!

We do only 2 more of these dropins through out the season and if you missed out on the chance to play in Season 6, our registration for Season 7 (which starts January) will be starting very soon in October! Keep an eye out for more news!

Season 5 – Results, Team Pictures & Playoff Videos

Overall Standing

Team Score
69 Street 107.15
Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread 102.69
Super Smash Brothers Bawls 96.17
Forever Alone Together 8.0 61.38
The Demyelinators 86.48
Occupy Ball Street 76.17
Shell Dodgers 88.27
Sitting Ducks 63.23
Samurai Pizza Cats 150.15
First Blood 92.65
Release the Crackers! 89.53
Many Dogeball. Such Wow. 77.46
The Dodge Mahal 77.69
Dirty Dodgy Style (Corey) 77.19
2 Girls, 8 Balls 55.4
TBD 56.72
Dodgie Style (Anthony) 150.72
I'd Hit That 126.51
Hungry Hungry Hippos 113.47
Time to Get Nailed 93.44
Adventure Squad 149.56
Big Hero 6 112.95
Prestige Worldwide Presents: Boats N Hoes 141.17
Backstreet Fighters 90.15

Spirit Scores

Team Score
69 Street 96.5
Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread 99.34
Super Smash Brothers Bawls 94.02
Forever Alone Together 8.0 98.68
The Demyelinators 94.83
Occupy Ball Street 96.3
Shell Dodgers 92.67
Sitting Ducks 92.33
Samurai Pizza Cats 91.5
First Blood 98.89
Release the Crackers! 93.98
Many Dogeball. Such Wow. 87.01
The Dodge Mahal 94.34
Dirty Dodgy Style (Corey) 99.34
2 Girls, 8 Balls 94
TBD 89.67
Dodgie Style (Anthony) 92.17
I'd Hit That 87.66
Hungry Hungry Hippos 97.17
Time to Get Nailed 93.11
Adventure Squad 95.51
Big Hero 6 94.5
Prestige Worldwide Presents: Boats N Hoes 96.67
Backstreet Fighters 99

Team Pictures

[flickr_set id=”72157651535597121″]

Playoff Results & Videos

Image Map

Season 5 Wrap Up Announcements

Hi Everyone! Week 10 of season 5 is quickly coming up… Here are some quick announcements to be aware of:

1) There is no dodgeball (drop in or League) this week due to Spring Break and no gym availability. We will resume both drop in as well as Week 10 of league on Mar 31 / Apr 1

2) Playoffs are happening on April 4th! The gym will be open at 12:30 for us to set up and we will begin opening ceremony at 1:15pm.

3) Teams that qualify for top 16 competitive playoffs bracket: You must show up with 6 players from your locked roster and minimum of 2 girls. For each player that you are short by, you will receive a handicap. Click here to read about the handicap rule.

4) Teams that are in the recreational playoffs bracket (if your cumulative points place you 17th – 24th in the league): If you show up with less than 6 players on your locked roster, you can either request subs from outside of the existing pool of players ahead of time with permission from the exec team. If you don’t have a sub, you will have to play with less than 6 players. No additional handicap will be imposed on the recreational tier.

5) Finally, after playoffs we will be heading to BOSS Pubnight 5.0 at Ceili’s on 8th Ave! Come after 8:30pm and celebrate the season with everyone! Ticket are sold at the door and will be $10 which includes a free drink. Check out on Facebook for more information

Dodgeball Skills


We had a great turnout last week for our seasonal skills clinic! Our players learned the fundamental skills in dodgeball such as throwing, catching, and individual strategies. Congrats to our winners of the speed test, target accuracy test (encouraging players to aim lower), and the winners of the showdown (1 on 1) competition!

Alex Chiang: Most accurate thrower of S5
David Meas: Guys showdown champion
Amanda Hoang: Girls showdown champion
Amanda Hoang: Fastest girl thrower of S5 at 71 km/hr (record is still held by Christina Lam @ 74 km/hr from S4)
Adam Bader: Fastest thrower of S5 at 113 km/hr (he is also the holder of the record for fastest throw at 116 km/hr! couldn’t break his own record this season though frown emoticon )

We hope you all had fun and learned lots to help you improve for the remainder of the season… was there anything in particular you would’ve liked to learn that we didn’t cover? Feel free to let us know so we can incorporate it in the future. As always, you can also always approach one of our execs if you’d like to get some extra help. Happy dodging!

Season 4 – Results, Team Pictures & Playoff Videos

Overall Standing

Team Score
Forever Alone Together 6: Win Some Dim Sum 106.43
Biggest Churmy FANs 115.25
O.T.I.S 98.95
Abolish Sleevery 145.2
Corey's Angels 98.63
The Crackers 108.16
Prestige World Wide Boats & Hoes 114.23
DespicaBALL Me 92.44
Breaking Ballz >=) 81.88
Friday Night Gamers 97.88
Forever Alone Together 7: 118.85
Wii unFit 113.7
Time to Get Nailed 116.85
Super Saiyan 5 174.89
Hella Kitty 134.6
Great Balls of China 83.65
Balls in Your Face 71.58
First Blood 82.58
Dodge Me, Maybe? 74.08
Balls & Dolls 34.88

Spirit Scores

Team Score
Forever Alone Together 6: Win Some Dim Sum 99.25
Biggest Churmy FANs 100
O.T.I.S 94.5
Abolish Sleevery 94.5
Corey's Angels 96.25
The Crackers 99.13
Prestige World Wide Boats & Hoes 97.25
DespicaBALL Me 91.88
Breaking Ballz >=) 98.75
Friday Night Gamers 98.75
Forever Alone Together 7: 96.04
Wii unFit 99.5
Time to Get Nailed 86
Super Saiyan 5 98.88
Hella Kitty 96
Great Balls of China 98.89
Balls in Your Face 98.25
First Blood 98.25
Dodge Me, Maybe? 94.69
Balls & Dolls 98.44

Team Pictures

[flickr_set id=”72157648994732651″]



Image Map

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you, dodgeballers for another amazing season!

After 38 match-ups and 159 games played this past Saturday, we’d like to congratulate HELLA KITTY on being Season 4 champions!

Sooth your dodgeball withdrawals by going through our Playoff album, watching the playoff videos, or revisit our photos from the infamous pubnight.

Until then – see you next season! (Early bird ends this weekend! Hurry up and register if you don’t want to miss out on our most amazing prize ever!!! Hint – it’s not just an ordinary trip!!!)