Season 7 – Competitive – Results, Team Photos & Playoff Videos

Overall Standing

Team Score
Phuc Boiz United 135.5
Chef Curry Balls 102.12
Dodge Ram 113.59
403 Dao Boiz 42.7
Potato Lam's Posse 157.34
Another One 81.9
Dodge Wars Episode VII: The Balls Awaken 83.97
The Human Targets 91.83
Taste the Rainballs 71.93
First Blood 64.37
Young Padawans 38.23
Blazing Swagdragons 78.1
Rolling Thunder 76.32
Off In The Shower 122.27
The Balliebers 122.22
Incrediballs 86.35
Boats N Hoes: Fractured But Whole 87.27
Miyagi Dojo 61.16
The Game of Throws 149.22
Some Dodgeball Team 85.97
Wolfpack 113.24
Alcoballics 119.03
Big Black Hawks 75.89
Snoop Dodge 59.2

Spirit Scores

Team Score
Phuc Boiz United 9.48
Chef Curry Balls 9.86
Dodge Ram 9.83
403 Dao Boiz 9.63
Potato Lam's Posse 9.83
Another One 9.9
Dodge Wars Episode VII: The Balls Awaken 9.97
The Human Targets 9.83
Taste the Rainballs 9.43
First Blood 9.83
Young Padawans 9.24
Blazing Swagdragons 9.59
Rolling Thunder 9.76
Off In The Shower 9.75
The Balliebers 9.97
Incrediballs 9.85
Boats N Hoes: Fractured But Whole 9.77
Miyagi Dojo 9.61
The Game of Throws 9.97
Some Dodgeball Team 9.97
Wolfpack 9.23
Alcoballics 9.53
Big Black Hawks 9.87
Snoop Dodge 8.97

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Playoff Videos

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Season 6 – Results, Team Pictures & Playoff Videos

Competitive: League Results

Recreational: League Results: Recreational

Overall Standing

Team Score
First Blood 82.95
Dodge Caravan 95.47
403 Dao Boiz 54.76
Best Friend Super Pals 131.6
The Incredi-Balls 89.83
Les MaMa Noodles 98.96
Showcase Showdown 127
Llama Thrust 138.87
Big Black Hawks 92.25
Dirty Dill Dealers 115.52
Triple D’s: Dodgeballs, DJs, and Deez Nuts 109.82
Dumbledore’s Army 100.47
Golden Oreos 66.29
Alcoballics 63.55
BackStreet Fighters 66.93
Ballsagna 76.35
Chu Chu Chugga Chugga Chu Chu 87.65
Break A Wish Foundation 51.91

Spirit Scores

Team Score
First Blood 9.96
Dodge Caravan 9.97
403 Dao Boiz 9.79
Best Friend Super Pals 9.63
The Incredi-Balls 9.83
Les MaMa Noodles 9.5
Showcase Showdown 10
Llama Thrust 9.89
Big Black Hawks 9.78
Dirty Dill Dealers 9.52
Triple D’s: Dodgeballs, DJs, and Deez Nuts 9.85
Dumbledore’s Army 9.97
Golden Oreos 9.35
Alcoballics 9.53
BackStreet Fighters 9.95
Ballsagna 9.84
Chu Chu Chugga Chugga Chu Chu 9.68
Break A Wish Foundation 9.91

Overall Standing

Team Score
Something Catchy 76.47
Rubber Chuckers 85.71
Two be determined 68.86
The Fruit Basket 62.8
Team Most Improved 96.63
QWERTY 88.87
The Dodge Mahal 94.42
Dankest Dodgeball 67.82
Boats N Hoes: Fractured, but Whole 115.86
Team Awesome 97.63
Tangz and Twizzlers 60.94
Blood Brain Barrier 88.54

Spirit Scores

Team Score
Something Catchy 9.47
Rubber Chuckers 8.69
Two be determined 9.86
The Fruit Basket 9.79
Team Most Improved 9.63
The Dodge Mahal 9.43
Dankest Dodgeball 9.83
Boats N Hoes: Fractured, but Whole 9.86
Team Awesome 9.63
Tangz and Twizzlers 9.93
Blood Brain Barrier 9.53

Team Pictures

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Competitive: Playoff Results & Videos

Recreational: Playoff Results & Videos

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Image Map

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Bear Necessities Donation & Playoffs Reminder

Friendly reminder that playoffs are on Saturday December the 5th, Bear Necessities will also be on site during playoffs to accept donations. A list of goods can be found on this page here. If you are unable to contribute any goods they also accept cash donations on their fund me page here. Hoping that everyone can bring at least 1 charitable donation so that we can provide a hamper for a family in need. Check out their facebook page for more information

Team Photo – Reminder

Reminder to all teams! Picture day will be on Wednesday, Oct. 14. Gather your team together and rock those colors! Team shirts and props that represent your team are highly recommended. An Exec will be going around to gather your team for photos. Also take a selfie and post up your team and tag it with #bossdodgeball or mention @bossdodgeball !


We Broke our Record!

A new record was set last night at our very first drop in this season… we had 112 players show up! What an incredible preview to the season!

We do only 2 more of these dropins through out the season and if you missed out on the chance to play in Season 6, our registration for Season 7 (which starts January) will be starting very soon in October! Keep an eye out for more news!