About Us…

BOSS Dodgeball League is a non-profit organization operated by a team of passionate, dedicated, and professional individuals, who truly value athleticism and sportsmanship. The athlete in us allows us to play and excel in the sport. The professional in us allows us to properly manage and promote growth in the organization. But most importantly, the recognition of being amongst friends allows us to take this sport to a more personal level. As a non-profit sports league, we encourage volunteers to get involved in this fun environment and to learn more about Dodgeball.

Our ultimate goal is to bring the community together by spreading the love for Dodgeball. We strive to create an inclusive, friendly, and fun environment where all participants can enjoy the sport. As we continue to grow, we will always remember our core value; that we are a community. We are committed to giving back to the community through member appreciation events, sponsorships, and charity events. We are extremely excited and we look forward to building strong relationships with members of our league and our community!


BOSS Dodgeball League